Celebrate your Event in a special atmosphere!

A cosy get-together with delicacies from the grill or wok and fine wine or draught beer.

Linger in the cozy cactus garden, let the sculptures have their effect on you and have an evening of fun.

I would be happy to show you around my studio and tell you how the sculptures came about.

If you have any questions about booking an event, the organisation and the catering. Then please contact me. I will be at your service.


Company events, annual meetings or family celebrations - it is the right place for every occasion.


Harley Davidson Women's Club 2008

...visited the Dragon Palace where sausage and bread have been served. Besides the great women, the over 40 Harley's were a feast for the eyes.

Dragon Festival 2006

26. / 27. August

As two years before Daniel Rieser Exhibited his sculptures of clay, reliefs and amphorae at the festival 2005.

The Dragon Festival was more than just a exhibition of arts it was also an unforgettable weekend occasion.

Whoever came to the festival on Saturday and/or Sunday could not only admire fossils or sculptures one as the 3.3m high and 6m long 'King of Power, but also come across Bartagame in the cactus garden.

The Dragon Festival was a wonderful opportunity for interessting meetings. With nature. With an extraordinary artist, his world and work and many interessting people. In the past years approx. 500 people came to visit.

Further Information: Start of the festival with a BBQ on Saturday, August 26 from 4pm till open end and brunch on Sunday, August 27 from 10am to 4pm.

The entrance was free on both days. A fee was charged for drinks and food. The Brunch Buffet on Sunday costs CHF 25.- for adults and CHF 10.- for children. The event takes place in any weather, covered seating is garanteed. The visit is well worth it even if it rains cats and dogs.

Dragon Festival 2005

10./11. September

The premiere of the Dragon Festival took place in 2005. In 2004 the exhibition was for friends and acquaintances only. After a positive response the festival now is for public.

The festival was an event with diversity. On the one hand art exhibition with various clay sculptures such as the 3.3m high and 6m long 'King of Power', various reliefs and amphoraes, on the other hand a party in the countryside - with a barbecue on Saturday and brunch on Sunday.

It is and remains an attractive weekend getaway in the countryside and a sociable occasion for young and young at heart.

Further Information:
The dragon festival took place on Saturday, 10.9., With a barbecue from 4 pm until the end of the day. And continued on Sunday, 9/11, with brunch from 10am to 4pm.

The entrance on Saturday was free, for drinks and food a fee was charged. On Sunday, the brunch buffet was available for CHF 25.- per person, for children CHF 10.-