about me

Daniel Rieser

Me, Daniel Rieser, modelling artist and horticultural architect. The joy and the urge to dedicate myself to design and modelling has always been with me and nothing stands in the way of the dream of making people happy with my artistic streak and bringing my idealism closer to them.

A Dragon Park is planned with an exhibition of all sculptures in the extended cactus garden. A café-lounge will be available for relaxation.

As a trained gardener and horticultural architect with my own company, I design and beautify every garden, forecourt and seating area. Completely individual, on request with bathing pond, 'false' fossils and petrifications as well as statues and sculptures of any kind.

Skulptur aus gebranntem Ton - Ganzansicht vorne

In 1986 I modeled my first small car sized sculpture, which would be the impulse for more and bigger dragon sculptures as well as the beginning of a great journey.

H. R. Giger… ... became aware of me when Migros Magazine and later 'Schweizer Illustrierte' published an article about me.

A long friendship with H. R. Giger developed until his death. Even so good that he asked me to make an alien prototype for the film of the same name.

I could always count on his support. In return, I was busy with the work in his Mystery Parks and also gave him advice if he needed it.